Rottweiler Puppies for Sale in PA

A Guide Before Looking For Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

Rottweiler Puppies for Sale in PA

Rottweilers are known to be protective guard dogs – a trait that many people find intimidating. What many don’t know is that they can also be happy and goofy dogs if they are trained properly. Many Rottweiler puppies for sale are sold as guard dogs but they can be great family dogs as well. Listed below are just some of the many attributes of Rottweilers that you need to know if you are thinking of getting one.

1. Appearance

Rottweilers are medium-sized dogs, with the height of adult males ranging from 24 to 27 inches tall and a weight of 95 to 130 pounds. Adult females, on the other hand, can be 22 to 25 inches tall with a weight of 85 to 115 pounds.

True to their protective and intimidating image, Rottweilers have muscular bodies and broad chests. Their coats are short, straight, flat, and dense on the outside, with undercoats on their thighs and necks. They are usually black with tan- or rust-colored markings on certain parts of their bodies. Rottweilers shed almost twice a year, so daily brushing may be required.

2. Personality

Rottweilers for Sale in PARottweilers were originally bred to be guard dogs. They are therefore very hard-working, protective, intelligent, and obedient. They are confident and courageous, as what guard dogs should be. At the same time, they are very loyal and affectionate, and they tend to be protective of those they love, sometimes even too protective. They can sometimes be a bit too aggressive if not trained well, so it is best to carefully train and socialize them while they are still puppies.

Some Rottweilers can be stubborn but can be taught through consistency and respect. Do not be harsh on them because they will react the same way to you. With Rottweilers, it is best to clearly establish your leadership or they will turn the table around and take the role of alpha dog.

Despite what their image portrays, though, Rottweilers are not unstable or inherently vicious. In fact, they are actually happy and goofy dogs. As long as they get the proper care and training, they can be as loving and caring as any other breed. They are moderately active, easily trained, and enjoy daily exercise. Make sure to always make time for them and to give them adequate exercise because this breed can become destructive when bored or left alone for a long time.

3. Sociability With Children and Other Animals

Rottweilers are typically open to children, especially if they grew up together. Rottweilers have herding tendencies, so they may sometimes try to nudge toddlers, causing them to topple over. Rottweilers may sometimes also be bothered by rough or loud play, and may tend to chase running children. Supervision is therefore required at all times.

When it comes to other animals, Rottweilers are more accepting if they grew up with them. New animals should be introduced carefully to adult Rottweilers because they may have issues with them, especially if they are of the same sex.

4. Lifespan

Rottweilers can live up to 10 years if healthy but are prone to the following diseases: elbow and hip dysplasia, bloating, heart diseases, bone cancer, hypothyroidism, allergies, and panosteitis.

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