English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in PA

Factors To Consider When Getting English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in PA

English Bulldogs got their name from their original purpose of bullbaiting. However, they have come a long way since then. Today, they are known as gentle companions whose typical day involves taking a brief walk around the park then relaxing the whole day through. Many people are interested in getting bulldogs as pets for many different reasons. However, it is important to consider the following factors before looking for English Bulldog puppies for sale in PA:

1. Appearance

English Bulldogs are medium-sized, ferocious-looking dogs. Their bodies are thick-set and low-slung, with short-muzzled yet massive square-shaped heads.They have thick and sturdy limbs, and broad chests and shoulders. They usually have underbites with droopy upper lips, perfect for latching on to opponents.

Bulldogs have soft yet loose skin that is covered with short, smooth hair. They come in many different colors, such as brindle, white, red, and fawn, among others. Mature bulldogs are usually 12 to 15 inches tall, with males weighing around 50 pounds and females, around 40. Show dogs, however, are usually 10 pounds heavier than the average.

2. Personality

teacup english bulldog for sale in paDespite their ferocious and intimidating appearances, Bulldogs are actually lovers, not fighters. They are very sweet, affectionate, loving, and kind. They love being with humans, and they enjoy any kind of attention from people, even if it’s just lounging around. English Bulldog puppies are generally playful and friendly, but they grow up to be calm and lazy, preferring only to eat and sleep rather than do anything else.

Bulldogs have a mind of their own and can be quite stubborn. However, their need for human affection keeps them in their place. They may be slow learners but once they learn something, they will never forget it. Bulldogs are also not known to be barkers, but this is no problem because their intimidating appearance is enough to scare ill-doers. They may be courageous and resolute, but they are also dignified enough not to start fights.

3. Interaction With Children And Other Animals

Bulldogs are excellent pets because they love children and are very patient with them. They will put up with the children’s antics and simply walk away when they’ve had enough. Though they make time to play with children, they aren’t the active type who can play the whole day. They usually run around for a while but go back to their resting places once they’re tired.

Bulldogs are also very welcoming to other animals but may be aloof to unfamiliar dogs.

4. Health and Lifespan

Unfortunately, because of their unproportionate body structure, Bulldogs are prone to numerous health problems. These may include excessive flatulence, sleep apnea, respiratory ailments, eye problems, reverse sneezing, breathing problems, mange, head shakes, hip dysplasia, tail problems, and slipped stifles, among others. Because they love to eat, Bulldogs are also prone to obesity, a condition that may aggravate these health problems.

Bulldogs are very delicate. They do not do well with anesthesia and they are sensitive to different weather conditions. They cannot tolerate hot and humid weather but they also cannot tolerate temperatures that are too cold.

If properly cared for, however, English Bulldogs can live anywhere from 8 years to 12 years.

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