Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in PA

Things To Know Before Buying Cockapoo Puppies For Sale

Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in PA Pennsylvania

Cockapoos are a mixed breed – half American Cocker Spaniel, half Poodle. Also known as Cockerpoos or Spoodles, these adorable hybrid dogs are just too cute to ignore. Apart from their physical attributes, their happy and easy-go-lucky nature is also very contaminating. Though getting them as pets may seem like a done deal, there are a few things to know before buying Cockapoo puppies for sale.

1. Appearance

Being hybrids, Cockapoos can come in different shapes and sizes. A Teacup Cockapoo can weigh from 2-6 pounds and grow up to 10 inches while a Toy Cockapoo can grow up to the same height but weigh until 12 pounds. A Miniature Cockapoo can grow up to 14 inches and weigh up to 18 pounds while a Standard or Maxi Cockapoo can weigh anywhere from 10 to 29 pounds and grow to more than 15 inches. The most common among these types is the Miniature Cockapoo.

Since Cockapoos are mixtures of Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, their coats can come in many different colors and textures. The only thing we can know for sure is that the coats will not be as kinky as Poodles’ and that they will not be heavy shedders.

2. Personality

Cockapoos For Sale in PAAt best, Cockapoos are known to be pleasing, patient, and loyal. They love being with humans and crave attention and companionship. They are very intelligent and affectionate, always eager to please their owners. This makes them really easy to train and a joy to be with. In fact, Cockapoos are known to be one of the happiest breeds of dogs around. They are also very adaptable, so they can live anywhere from apartments to big homes.

On the other hand, because you never know which personalities hybrids will get from each parent, it may be difficult to accurately predict how they will end up. For this reason, it is best to train and socialize them as early as possible. When training, it is important to remember that they do not do well with pressure and harsh punishments. As dogs that love to please their owners, they learn best with positive reinforcement.

One thing to note about Cockapoos, though, is that they should never be left alone. They were bred as companion dogs and should live as such.

3. Interaction With Children and Other Pets

Due to their gentle and loving nature, Cockapoos are great with all living things, including children and other animals. Though they prefer the company of older children, Cockapoos also do well with younger ones.

4. Health and Lifespan

Hybrid dogs are known to have “hybrid vigor”, which means they have less health conditions than most purebreds. This happens when new blood is mixed with the usual breeding circle. However, since Cockapoos have been inbred with the same “breed” for a long time, they may still be prone to certain medical conditions such as hip dysplasia, dislocated knees, eye problems, allergies, liver diseases, and ear infections, among others.

Nevertheless, healthy Cockapoos can live up to a good 18 years – much longer than the average canine lifespan.

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